Bryan Adams brings his “So Happy It Hurts” Tour to West Texas.

Bryan Adams brings his “So Happy It Hurts” Tour 2024 to West Texas.

Bryan Adams stopped by last Tuesday night and brought Dave Stewart with him on his 2024 So Happy It Hurts Tour.  This marked the 7th show on a 31 date US Tour which ends on 20 March in Syracuse, NY, make no mistake, you want to check those tour dates and purchase your tickets in advance for this one, it’s a serious trip down memory lane, so strap in.

Dave Stewart strolled onto stage at 7:30 sharp with his 8 piece all girl band, dueling vocalists Vanessa Amorosi and Stevvi Alexander took command of the stage with Dave accompanying them thought-out the 60-minute set. Indiara Sfair on that Harmonica or Yasmin Ogilvie blowing that Sax, each of them had their time at the foot of the stage, saying that they all reek of talent is the understatement of the year.  Dave has titled this, Dave Stewart’s Eurythmics Songbook, speaking of the Eurythmics, Dave and Annie Lennox released 9 albums in 19 years, 5 tours in 16 years and the first 8 releases were all done in 8 years’ time, a little much if you ask me and the catalyst of the two going their separate ways in the early 90s. Going solo and a handful of reunion shows for Dave and Annie over the past 30 plus years is about it, neither one has stopped as it should be. Dave and company belted out hit after hit, such as Missionary Man, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and Would I lie to You?  I truly enjoyed Dave Stewart, great show and just the perfect opener for what was about to come with the evenings main event.

Bryan hit the stage at 8:45 sharp and never stopped for the next 2 hours. He went through a 27-song set list like a hot knife though butter.  This is his world, and we were just living in it for this short period of time.  What can one say about Bryan, name it and he’s done it, Movies, TV, Radio, established photographer, and he’s shot everybody!! Not to mention, 16 releases in 42 years, 21 tours with the likes of The Kinks, The Police, Loverboy, Tina Turner and the Stones, just to name a few.  But tonight, here in El Paso and as far as I could tell, not a seat to be had, when I waited outside, the line just never ended, they turned out in droves and as stated, it’s a Tuesday night, now what does that tell ya?  Mega hits like Everything I do (I do It for You), Summer of 69, Its Only Love, Cuts Like a Knife and Run to You, had this sold out El Paso audience on their feet singing every word to every song and needless to say, loving every minute of the stellar performance from this seasoned entertainer, a true master of his craft.  As stated, Bryan will be on the road with his So Happy it Hurts tour until the 3rd week of next month, take it from me, it worth the price of the ticket, it truly is a serious trip down memory lane, it comes highly recommended.

Story and Photography by Tim Schumann

Set List-

Kick Ass

Can’t Stop This Thing We Started


18 Till I Die

Please Forgive Me

Shine A Light

Room Service


Go Down Rockin

Its Only Love

You Belong to Me

I’ve Been Looking for You

The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You

I will Always Return

Here I Am

Thought I Died and Gone to Heaven

Everything I Do (I Do it for You)

Back to You

So Happy It Hurts

Run to You

Summer of 69

What If There Were No Sides at All

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

All I Want is You

Cuts Like a Knife



Straight From the Heart

All for Love


Tim Schumann