Crypta makes its return to the Borderland

Crypta makes its return to the Borderland.

There’s nothing like a Metal Monday Night just as we had here this week as Crypta made its return to West Texas and of course at the one and only Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue in the heart of El Paso, Texas.  I say return because the girls were here last March in support of Morbid Angel, unfortunately, I did not attend, but the talk of the town the following morning was all about a band called Crypta that had opened for Morbid Angel the night before.  Well as fate would have it, eleven months later their back in El Paso and rest assured, I wasn’t missing them again.

Crypta consists of Fernanda Lira, Frontwoman and Bass, Luana Dametto on Percussion, Taina Bergamaschi on Guitar and Jessica di Falchi on Guitar as well. Fernanda and Luana, I’ve had the honor of photographing them before when they were here with Nervosa back in 22. When they departed Nervosa a month later Crypta was born.  During these past two years they’ve released two albums and 7 releases, Brazilian Death Metal at its best I assume, oh did I mention they’re all from Sao Paulo, Brazil? Festivals like Wacken Open Air and Rock in Rio have been checked off the girls list, touring the country is now the goal, getting out there, creating a fan base which is truly working hence the packed house here in El Paso, Texas.

Local support for this evening was Beyond Terror, Morbid Hand and Cthylla. Personally, for me, it’s always a pleasure to cover Cthylla, one of El Paso’s seriously up and coming bands, we have Laura Chacon, vocals, Abdriel Ureno on percussion, Marc Hurtado, Bass, Mario Ramos, guitar and Haran Hernandez on guitar as well. Rock peppered with Metal is what caught my attention with this band, Haran will melt your face with his insane shredding and Laura as their frontwoman is the icing on the cake, just a fantastic performance, not to mention the perfect match for direct support for this evening’s main event.  Crypta hit the stage at 10:55, 25 minutes late, but this rabid crowd could have cared less, they were biting at the bit and when Fernanda walked out onto the stage the crowd erupted with cheer and horns up. The girls kicked into a 16-song set list with total abandon, it was tight, energetic and loads of fun to watch these 4 having the time of their lives. 75 minutes later it was over, but I gotta tell ya, everyone was on their A- Game for this epic night, locals as well, all in all, one fantastic night, great show, great audience, what more could one ask for?

Set List-

The Other Side of Anger


Poisonous Apathy

Lift the Blindfold

The Outsider

Lullaby for the Forsaken



Trial of Traitors

Under the Black Wings

Dark Clouds

Dark Night of the Soul

Agents of Chaos

Lord of Ruins

From the Ashes

The Closure


Photography and Story by Tim Schumann

Tim Schumann