Lynch Mob’s The Final Ride Farewell Tour 2024 makes Full Stop in West Texas

Lynch Mob’s The Final Ride Farewell Tour 2024 makes Full Stop in West Texas

El Paso was the last stop on the Southwestern Leg of Lynch Mob’s The Final Ride Tour, needless to say the Rockhouse was surely jumpin last Saturday night as we all witnessed the Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarist of all time, the legendary George Lynch.    This past weekend marks the 3rd time seeing George during my tenure, the first was in 88 on the Monsters of Rock Tour with Dokken, of course, the second was here in El Paso and that was Lynch Mob in support of Dokken, as fate would have it George joined Don for the last four Dokken songs, that was one memorable night for sure.

Which brings us to 18 May here in El Paso for an up close and personal show at the one and only Rockhouse of the lastest version of George Lynch’s Lynch Mob which consist of Jimmy D’Anda on percussion, Jaron Gulino on Bass, Gabriel Colon doing vocals and of course George Lynch on guitar.   Some quick fun facts, George left Dokken in 89 and in my opinion, the first five Dokken releases were the best due to George’s insane guitar work, after that, yeah, sorry. My favorites were Breaking the Chains and Tooth and Nail, straight classics.  George got to work with Lynch Mob and Wicked Sensation was released in 90 and 13 more albums after that, 35 years later, here we are.

The boys hit the stage at 10:40 and kicked right into a Dokken classic Lighting Strikes Again followed by River of Love. George never took his foot off the gas for one minute, well he did for a second, thanking everyone for coming out to see a 69-year-old man in a bathing suit wearing eyeliner, cheers and horns were the response as it should be.  A 13-song set list was gone in 70 minutes which included 4 Dokken covers and wrapped up with Wicked Sensation, a crowd favorite.   All in all, what can I say, what a night of High Energy Guitar Madness and that’s putting it lightly.  George Lynch is one of the greatest guitarists I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them all, Blackmore, Rhoades, Vai and Satriani just to name a few, George rates right up there with the best of the best and watching him play well it’s just an unforgettable experience, a true master at his craft.   Lynch Mob is touring up to 12 October of this year finishing up in Vineland NJ but do have some selected dates in the Spring of 25, after that, who knows, only George does.

Story and Photography by Tim Schumann

Set List-

Lighting Strikes Again (Dokken Cover)

River of Love

Natural Child

Dance of the Dogs

All I Want

Paris Is Burning (Dokken Cover)

Street Fighting Man

Caught Up

For A Million Years


Mr. Scary (Dokken Cover)

It’s Not Love (Dokken Cover)

Wicked Sensation

Tim Schumann