Kings of Thrash drop into the Rockhouse

Kings of Thrash drop into the Rockhouse

If you’re a fan of Thrash Metal and or a fan of Megadeth and who isn’t, then this past Thursday night at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue here in the Jewel of The Southwest, El Paso, Texas was certainly the place to be.  The Kings of Thrash, featuring ex- Megadeth members, Dave Ellefson and Jeff Young just blew the roof off the joint, truly shows of this caliber are rare and as fans, the 20th of June was circled once it was announced, my calendar included.

The lineup is as follows, Dave Ellefson on Bass, Jeff Young, Guitar, Chaz Leon on Guitar and Vocals and last but certainly not least, Fred Aching doing the honors on percussion.  This outfit operates like well-oiled machine, and why not with two seasoned veterans as David and Jeff at the helm, not to mention, what a treat for Chaz and Fred, these guys are half the age of the stars of the show, talk about dreams coming true.   As you know David was the long-time bassist with Megadeth, an on again, off again relationship up to 2021 and Jeff worked on the So Far, So Good, So What album and toured in support of that release.

The boys have only been together a short period of time, since last year I believe, but are sure making a name for themselves, sharing songs from a cherished catalog that fans are craving to hear again and in a nutshell that what you’re getting with the Kings of Thrash. A joyful celebration and believe me, these guys were having fun out there, giving the fans exactly what there were expecting, the best Goddamn Thrash Metal on the planet.

Show got started at 7pm with local support from Among the Living, Invader and from La Luz, New Mexico, Burning Sunday.  All three of these bands fit like a glove on the evenings card, they certainly got the audience warmed up for Gravel, who is on tour with the Kings.   What can I say about these guys? Well, they are that band that surely makes a lasting impression on you, talk about high energy, these guys are poster child’s for in your face, straight up, Rock and Roll, oh yeah, they were fun and loved the camera. Mic Stands made from tow chains, ego risers outfitted with pedalboards lights and haze and let’s not forget the flying sparks, just a fantastic stage show and performance, I highly recommend seeing them.

  Close to 10:30, the boys hit the stage and were greeted with cheers and horns, they started with Into the Lungs of Hell and finished with Black Friday almost 90 minutes later.  Songs like Killing is my Business… and Business is Good, Peace Sells, Wake Up Dead and my personal favorite, My Darkest Hour had this crowd in a rabid frenzy, I mean in a good way, the way true metal is appreciated, you’ll only get that if you’re a fan, a real fan.

All in all, one hell of a show and afterwards members from both bands hanging out, autographs and photographs were the order of the evening, on a personal note, being fan friendly goes a long way and these cats hung out until everyone was gone, class acts all the way.  If these guys Gravel or Kings of Thrash even come anywhere close to you, make the trip, buy the ticket and take the ride, I promise you, you won’t be sorry.

Story and Photography by Tim Schumann

Set List-

Into the Lungs of Hell

Killing is my Business… and Business is Good

Train of Consequences

The Conjuring

Skull Beneath the Skin



My Darkest Hour


These Boots Were Made for Walking

Wake Up Dead

Swords and Tequila

Peace Sells

Black Friday

Tim Schumann