Pissing Razors / Vengeance is Ours Tour 2023 / Raves Club / El Paso, Texas / 13 May 23

Pissing Razors is on a mission, a death march though the desert, if you will and it started last Sunday here in El Paso when our local boys kicked off their Vengeance is Ours Tour here in West Texas, a tour...

OFF!/ 2 May 2023/Deep Ellum Art Co/Dallas, TX

 Photos Andrew Sherman Slice Up The Pie Time Will Come War Above Los Angeles Black Widow Group -Jam- Kill To Be Heard Ignored Smoking Gun -Jam- Circuitry’s God Muddy The Waters Invisible Empire Behind...

Cantina Flys / Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue / 28 April 23 / El Paso, Texas

Have you ever been to a show and had no clue who the opening band was or maybe even a touring band you’d never heard of and after their set, you say to yourself, ” Man, that band kicked ass, who...

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