Zakk Sabbath rolls into West Texas

Zakk Sabbath rolls into West Texas

When this show was announced last month, it’s a date you circled and for good reason, Zakk Wylde was coming town and bringing his Ozzy Osborne cover band with him, oh yeah Zakk Sabbath at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue on the 18th here in lovely El Paso, Texas.

Besides being with Black Label Society and Ozzy, Zakk has been doing this Black Sabbath cover band since 2014. Alongside him is Rob “Blasko” Nicholson on Bass who has also played with Ozzy as well as Rob Zombie and Joey Castillo doing the honors on percussion, he’s noted for playing with Danzig and Queens of the Stone Age, talk about a super group, right!!  A packed to the gills Rockhouse, not a ticket to be had was treated to a 14 song set list that with Zakk at the helm melting faces with some of the best guitar work you could imagine, you can get lost watching him shred, truly a sight.  What I thought was interesting was among the more popular Black Sabbath hits, Zakk did a handful of B-Side or deeper cuts songs that you normally don’t hear, made them his own, if you will, in my opinion, showing respect and making homage to the vast catalog that Black Sabbath generated over the years, His connection and relationship with Ozzy probably has a lot to do with that, a true cover band from a true master, what a show, what a night.

Set List-



Symptom of the Universe

Under the Sun / Every day Comes and Goes

Tomorrows Dream

Wicked World

Fairies Wear Boots

Into The Void

Children of the Grave

Lord of this World

Hand of Doom

Behind the Wall of Sleep


War Pigs

Story and Photography by Tim Schumann


Tim Schumann