Ill Nino and its 25 Years of Latin Metal US Tour 2024 makes a stop in West Texas

Ill Nino and its 25 years of Latin Metal US Tour 2024 makes a stop in West Texas
There are a handful of bands, mostly from Texas that make El Paso, Texas a regular stop on their tours and Ill Nino is certainly one of those bands.   Last Sunday night at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue was the sight of the latest stop on the 25 Years of Latin Metal US Tour 2024 by this epic Nu Metal / Metal Core / Latin Metal band that I always get excited to cover.   The first time was back in 2015 on the Civil Unrest Tour and every time since then.    They are truly a fun band, I say this because over the years I have befriended a couple members, Jes De Hoyos and Marcos Leal and that started years ago with their time with Shattered Sun (Marcos) and Sons of Texas (Jes) so what could better now? It’s the perfect combination of Fun and Family.   Dave Chavarri, the only original member, brings his wife and daughter on tour with him always and the daughter has all eyes on Dad during the show and dancing to no end, it surely warms the heart, reminds me of Max Cavalera of Soulfly, wife and sons always with him on the road, not to mention, Igor and Zion play with Max, so there’s that.
The boys hit the stage after 10:30 and handed down 13 songs that left the people on the barricade with their hair blown back permanently, talk about a high energy show, Marcos Leal was a man on a mission, destroying everything in his path and not taking any prisoners, truly a master at his craft.  My other buddy, Jes, it was really great to see him back in action on stage, a true showman and entertainer is putting it lightly.   Ill Nino has been snapping necks and writing checks since 98 with absolutely no signs of slowing down and how could that ever happen, not with the likes of Marc Rizzo, Lazaro Pina, Marcos Leal, Jes DeHoyos
 and Dave Chavarri working as a well-oiled machine together as they did this past weekend here in a West Texas desert, needless to say, good times were had by all and I’m already looking forward to their return.

Story and Photography by Tim Schumann

Set List-

If You Still Hate Me

This Is War


I Am Loco

God Save Us

This Times for Real

TE Mamo, I Hate You

What You Deserve

What Comes Around




How Can I Live



Tim Schumann