Faster Pussycat drops in at the Rockhouse

Faster Pussycat drops in at the Rockhouse.

Faster Pussycat rolled into town last weekend at the infamous Rockhouse here in El Paso, Texas.  This makes my second time covering this iconic band from Hollywood they never fail to deliver and that was certainly the case last Sunday night here in West Texas.  The band consists of Taime Downe on vocals, and I might add, the only original member. Danny Nordahl on Bass, Chad Stewart on the drums, by the way, I covered him with his time with the BulletBoys a few years back. Sam Bam Kolton on guitar and Mihailo Lukic on guitar as well.  Founded in LA in 85, reached huge popularity in 87-93, has had 4 releases in 19 years and has toured the world with the likes of Alice Cooper, Kiss and Motley Crue, just to name a few and let’s not forget, 2 million albums sold worldwide.  Lineup changes, breakups and legal woes has plagued the band in the past, but it seems its all in the rearview now and its full steam ahead for this epic act straight outa Hollywood, California, oh yeah, it’s going to be a fun night.

Local support on this evening’s card was Invader and Brittneys Rage, now I gotta tell ya, Invader gets better every time I see them and Brittneys Rage, what can I say? They’ve been around for years here in El Paso and in Los Angeles, here’s a fun fact, Tony Muela who plays guitar in Brittneys Rage also works FOH at the Whiskey in LA and wouldn’t you know it, he’s friends with the guys in Faster Pussycat knowing them from the Whiskey and being direct support in numerous shows in the past, so not only does he open for them once again, but works FOH here in El Paso for this evenings event, pretty cool.  Touring support was Of Limbo and Jason Charles Miller, both in my opinion, outstanding acts, especially Of Limbo, make sure you check them out, high energy is an understatement.

What I like about this band is they are simply fun, most of the guys stayed out front during the 4 openers, hanging out with fans on the barricade and or strolling out on stage to join in on a song or two, as stated, just a real fun night of rock and roll.  Taime Downe and company hit the stage at 10:30 and blazed though a 12-song set list like it was nothing, classic hits like Slip of the Tongue, Bathroom Wall and of course the crowd favorite, House of Pain.  People jammed on the barricade just having a grand time and mouthing every word to every song, I love to see that, I always have, a night of classic music and sheer fun out here in the desert with Faster Pussycat, does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

Set List-

Jack the Bastard


Slip of the Tongue

Don’t Change That Song

You’re So Vain

Six Feet like A Ghost


Number One with a Bullet

House of Pain

Bathroom Wall / Pretty Fucked Up

Shut Up and Fuck



Story and Photos by Tim Schumann


Tim Schumann