The Trinity of Terror Tour, Part 3 / El Paso County Coliseum / El Paso, Texas / 31 October 2022 / Featuring Ice Nine Kills, Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White with special guest, Atreyu

Halloween Night in West Texas, there was no better place to be than at The El Paso County Coliseum covering The Trinity of Terror Tour with Ice Nine Kills, Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White with guest ATREYU, two of the four I had shot in the past, Ice Nine and Motionless, so I knew what to expect, needless to say, I was ready to go and excited to be going to the Coliseum, I love this venue, it’s a bit geared up now a days for family events as well as huge Latin acts, but from time to time they will do a rock show and when they do, it’s always big, hence The Trinity of Terror.

First up at 6:30, ATREYU hits the stage, I shoot the first 3 then post up at FOH and enjoy a band I had never heard of. I’ve been attending concerts for 50 years, so something truly has to jump off the page for me to take notice and this was certainly the case with ATREYU.  8 releases in 10 years, the latest is titled Baptize and released in 2021.  They blew thought a 10-song set like it was nothing, a high energy, very tight performance, I was impressed and that’s not easy for me, I do hope they come back though, maybe a smaller venue here, I have one in mind.

Now the next three bands would be considered the main event, truth be told, I had no idea who was next or who would headline this epic event, but as it would be, Motionless, Black Veil and Ice Nine would headline.  After a 30-minute change over, Motionless takes the stage. I had covered them before opening for HELLYEAH back in 2015 here in El Paso, it was a fun show then and it was a fun show now.  Chris Motionless truly commands the stage with his presence, a true showman of Horror / Gothic Metal. Another 10-song set list that was over as soon as it started, the song that stood out, simply because of the radio was Somebody Told Me, yeah, a real crowd favorite.  Pick up their latest release, which is number 6 in the past 12 years, Scoring the End of the World, this band kicks ass, it was the highlight of the evening for me.

Next, Black Veil Brides, another crowd favorite, I don’t know if that’s right, every one of these 3 bands were crowd favorites, everyone was wearing the shirt of the one they favored, I’d be hard pressed to say who really stood out, all three were equality welcomed.  Talk about crowd favorites, I saw signs directed to Andy Biersack, Black Veils front man, in refence to how much I love you, how your music changed my life and of course, Will you marry me? Oh, yeah, the ladies love this guy.  I did get the chance to meet Lonny Eagleton outside, in front of Will Call, taking time with fans for autographs and photos, super nice guy, I love the fact he is fan friendly, that goes a long way with me.  The show was just so much fun, again 10 songs that had this crowd going, a nice circle pit was forming, oh yeah, good times were had by all.  Black Veil’s latest release is The Phantom Tomorrow, support the boys by picking it up, they sure would appreciate it.

Last, but not least, Ice Nine Kills, now here’s the other band I’ve had the pleasure of covering back in 2015 at a tiny venue called Mesa Music Hall, talk about up close and personal.  There is only one original member and that’s your front man Spencer Charnas, everyone else has been replaced over the past 4 years, but whatever they did, they got it right, another stellar performance I must say. there’s a horror spin on this show, my best guess is a little more than usual, even though it was Halloween night. During the song, Wurst Vacation, Spencer dismembers a young lady with an axe, holds her arm up as if it were a trophy, now that’s entertainment. Ice Nine’s latest release is The Silver Scream II “Welcome to Horrorwood”. the title alone speaks volumes, if you’re a fan, it’s a must.

All in all, I must admit, it was a great show, it was Halloween, a lot in costume and all band members were in face paint, it was a true horror show. The venue holds 5600, my best guess is 3 and change were in attendance, this tour has 27 dates left on it ending in Seattle on 12 December, I would check Bands in Town and see if this tour is coming thought your city, I highly recommend it.

ATREYU- Dan Jacobs – Lead Guitar / Brandon Saller – Vocals / Travis Miguel – Rhythm Guitar / Marc McKnight – Bass / Kyle Rosa – Percussion           Set List-

Strange Powers of Prophecy / Baptize / Becoming the Bull / Right Side of the Bed / The Time is Now / Save Us / Falling Down / Battle Drums / Warrior / Blow

Motionless in WhiteMembers-  Chris Motionless – Vocals / Ryan Sitkowski – Lead Guitar / Ricky Olsen – Rhythm Guitar / Vinny Mauro – Percussion / Justin Morrow – Bass

Set List / Disquise / Reincarnate / Necessary Evil / Thoughts and Prayers / Voices / Brand New Numb / Cyberhex / Another Life / Somebody Told Me / Eternally Yours


Black Veil Brides

Members / Jeremy Ferguson – Rhythm Guitar / Andy Biersack – Vocals / Jake Pitts – Lead Guitar / Christian Coma – Percussion / Lonny Eagleton – Bass

Set List

Faithless / Coffin / Crimson Skies / Shadows Die / Wake Up / Scarlet Cross / Knives and Pens / The Legacy / Fallen Angel / In the End



Ice Nine Kills


Spencer Charnas – Vocals / Patrick Galante – Percussion / Ricky Armellino – Rhythm Guitar / Joe Occhiuti – Bass / Dan Sugarman – Lead Guitar


St list- Dammit / Funeral Derangements / Wurst Vacation / Hip to be Scared / It is the End / Stabbing in the Dark / The Shower Scene /A grave Mistake / Farewell II Flesh / The American Nightmare / Welcome to Horrorwood


Tim Schumann