Sevendust brings “ANIMOSITY” to Dallas

Sevendust brings “ANIMOSITY” to Dallas

Sevendust – House of Blues – Dallas, TX

Words by Andrew Sherman – Photos by James Villa

Sevendust at The House of Blues on a Saturday night in Dallas.  For only the second night of their 21st anniversary tour for their seminal album “Animosity”. This the first of two legs spanning most of the US. Aptly referred to as the “Two Legged Tour,” the planned 20th anniversary tour was side tracked by the challenges of Covid and the fact that the LP was released in 2001 lends itself well to a “21st” tour honoring the record that was their first big commercial success.

I had the pleasure of watching several of their pay per view performances during the pandemic. Unfortunately, as meaningful and much needed as those performances were. Nothing compares to seeing the band live.

It may sound strange but it’s often a bit disappointing to see a band showcase an album without its original line-up. That of course if not the case here, everyone is still an active member making this performance that much more meaningful.  

As always vocalist Lajon Witherspoon took a minute to acknowledge the crowd saying Sevendust didn’t do shows- they do family reunions.  That personal touch is what makes this band so much more appreciated and respected.


From the first notes of T.O.A.B., the fans were glued to their spot. Morgan’s energy has always been a highlight for myself his fiery approach to drumming really does makes me want to pick up those stick and let it rip. Fan favorites included Trust, Crucified, Xmas Day, and Angel’s Son were just a few of the gems from the album.    

One particular song I was excited to hear was Damaged, as I don’t recall ever hearing them play it live.  Lajon quickly pointed out that Damaged had only been played live about 3 times before.  Of course, by the end of the tour the song will have gotten a ton of play, but that’s what makes these shows stand out. Getting to hear songs that band often don’t touch in a live format. Overall, the crowd clung on every note and word, as set came to a close, there was no doubt that an encore would follow.


The band returned for a three-song encore. They reached back into their early repertoire with “Bitch”, followed by the title track off of their 2020 release “Blood and Stone.” Who knows maybe we’ll all get a chance to see them tour with that album in tow next year? The band closed the high-energy show with “Face to Face.” From the “Seasons” LP.

After 21 years, these songs are just as relevant, if not more so today and you can always count on Sevendust bringing everything they have to every show. Don’t miss your chance to catch Lajon, Vince, John, Clint and Morgan on this “Animosity Tour” you won’t be disappointed.


James Villa