Pop Evil Release “Footsteps” Music Video Off Upcoming ‘UP’

Pop Evil Release “Footsteps” Music Video Off Upcoming ‘UP’

All New EP UP Due Out 8/21/2015, Pre-Order Now! 


Rock radio juggernauts POP EVIL have released the music video for their smash hit “Footsteps”.  Directed by long-time collaborator Johan Carlén who has helmed the last handful of visually stunning music videos the band has released including “Trenches,” “Deal With The Devil” and “Torn to Pieces.”

“We challenged ourselves to come up with something different for the viewer,” says vocalist Leigh Kakaty. “Johan brought our vision to a whole new light, as it’s reflected through this amazing piece of art.”

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The band revealed episode #5 of its behind the scenes studio documentary. The band spent time with producer Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) in Seattle and captured the experience on camera, giving fans an insight into the creation of their all new LP titled UP, which is becoming Pop Evil’s most anticipated release to date.

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Purposefully assembled at Studio Litho, Robert Lang Studios, and London Bridge Studios with producer Adam Kasper, UP is the sound of a rock band cementing a powerful identity that’s steadily materialized over the course of three prior full-length slabs.  The inspirational soon to be live (June 1st) staple “Footsteps,” – POP EVIL prove their burgeoning success is no accident.

UP is a bold reintroduction and step forward, with guitarists NICK FUELLING and DAVEY GRAHS, bassist MATT DIRITO, drummer CHACHI RIOT, and LEIGH KAKATY at the top of their game. It’s always a bit cliché, not to mention questionable, when a band says their new album is the best one yet. But in the case of POP EVIL, it’s an absolute fact.


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