Queen an Electrifying Night of Majesty at the American Airlines Center in Dallas

Queen Rocked the American Airlines Center in Dallas

All Photos by James Villa Photography

On Thursday, November 2nd, music aficionados and fans of the legendary band Queen were treated to an unforgettable concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Boasting a legacy that spans four decades, Queen’s showmanship and iconic music continue to captivate audiences worldwide. This review aims to delve into the magic of their live performance and showcase the band’s enduring impact on music history.

From the moment Queen took the stage, the audience was transported into a realm of pure musical prowess. Led by the incomparable Adam Lambert, whose vocal range and stage presence embody the spirit of Freddie Mercury, the band seamlessly blended their timeless classics with a selection of surprises. Lambert’s commanding stage presence, combined with Brian May’s masterful guitar solos and Roger Taylor’s thunderous drumming, created an atmosphere of sheer awe and excitement.

The setlist was carefully crafted, featuring fan favorites such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Killer Queen,” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.” The band effortlessly moved through each song, energizing the crowd while paying homage to their musical roots. The inclusion of deeper obscure tracks and rare B-sides demonstrated the band’s dedication to their loyal fanbase, and their ability to surprise and delight even the most avid Queen enthusiasts.

Complementing the band’s musical prowess was a visual spectacle that enhanced the overall experience. The stage design was both grand and intimate, allowing fans to feel connected to the performers while still being immersed in larger-than-life visual effects. From dazzling light displays to intricate video backdrops, the production elements elevated the concert to a truly sensory experience.

In addition, the band’s wardrobe choices added an extra layer of aesthetic appeal. Lambert’s dynamic and flamboyant costumes, paying homage to Freddie Mercury’s iconic fashion sense, further ignited the audience’s enthusiasm and admiration.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Queen concert was the band’s ability to engage the audience throughout the night. From sing-alongs to call-and-response moments, Lambert effortlessly connected with fans, capturing their devotion and passion for Queen’s music. A true testament to the band’s enduring legacy, multiple generations of fans were united in their enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie that transcended age and background.

The Queen concert at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX, on Thursday, November 2nd, was an exhilarating and nostalgic journey through the band’s illustrious career. With mesmerizing performances, stunning visuals, and unmatched fan engagement, Queen proved once again that their music is timeless and continues to resonate with audiences around the world. This concert showcased their enduring impact on music history, leaving no doubt that Queen’s legacy will endure for generations to come.


Machines (Or ‘Back to Humans’) / Radio Ga Ga (Queen cover)
Hammer to Fall (Queen cover)
Another One Bites the Dust (Queen cover)
I’m in Love With My Car (Queen cover)
Bicycle Race (Queen cover)
Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen cover)
I Want It All (Queen cover)
A Kind of Magic (Queen cover)
Killer Queen (Queen cover)
Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen cover)
Somebody to Love (Queen cover)
Love of My Life (Queen cover)
’39 (Queen cover)
Drum Solo
Under Pressure (Queen cover)
Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen cover)
I Want to Break Free (Queen cover)
You Take My Breath Away (Queen song)
Who Wants to Live Forever (Queen cover)
Guitar Solo
Is This the World We Created…? (Queen cover)
The Show Must Go On (Queen cover)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)


Ay‐Oh (Queen song)
We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
Radio Ga Ga (Queen cover)
We Are the Champions (Queen cover)
God Save the Queen (Queen cover)
“Heroes” (David Bowie song)


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