Baroness’ Sweet Oblivion takes over Echo Lounge in Dallas Texas 

Baroness’ Sweet Oblivion takes over Echo Lounge in Dallas Texas 

Photos by Craig Youngblood

It was a warm October Friday night in Dallas, Texas, and Baroness was about to turn the heat up at the Echo Lounge and music hall. Baroness brought their incredible Sweet Oblivion tour to town, and it was nothing short of amazing. Upon entering the venue, you begin seeing all the fans lining up at the merch booths and grabbing drinks before the show is going to start. As it got closer to time for Baroness to take the stage, more and more fans piled in and got as close to the stage as possible. Everyone wanted to be as close as possible so that they could feel the emotion and music that would soon be pouring from the speakers. Everyone talked about how excited they were and told other fans to prepare to have their minds blown as the band’s entrance music began playing.

As the band made their way to the stage, they grabbed their instruments and started playing Last Word, and the fans immediately began singing along with every word. As they played the songs, the fans moved around and danced to the song’s beat. They wrapped their first song with a phenomenal back-and-forth guitar solo between the two guitarists, followed by thumping kick drumbeats. They began playing the sensational intro to their next song, Horse, and the fans erupted. And they worked their way into a heavier and faster part as the fans began moving around and screaming the words as they sang. It was hard to figure out where to keep your eyes with so much going on with the band as they played and performed for the fans here tonight. As they wrapped up their second song on the night, fans yelled out Baroness and screamed to keep going!

Baroness obliged and jumped off into another one of their incredible songs titled March, and it was super fun to watch them all play flawlessly, all while interacting with the fans and going from side to side of the stage to visit all the fans they could. They continued playing their incredible songs, and the fans loved every minute of it and tried to soak it all in during the moment. At one time, the vocalists addressed the fans and thanked them for participating in tonight’s show. He tells them that audience participation greatly influences the concert experience and that they brought it tonight.

As they continued marching through their setlist for the night, you could see fans all over thrusting their hands toward the stage and their head back, belting out the lyrics with the band. As they wrapped up their set for their night with Gnashing, the crowd erupted so deafeningly loud that it sent a sound wave through the music hall. As they walked off, the fans cheered and hoped for more, as I am sure we could have all stayed and listened to their songs and had a fantastic soundtrack to an incredible October evening.  

This tour was the first time I had ever seen a live Baroness show, and I can tell you it will certainly not be the last. They are so incredible to see live, and to watch them dueling guitar solos flawlessly going note for note is insane. They made sure to interact with their fans, and you could tell they left it all on the stage that night at the Echo Lounge Music Hall in Dallas. If you still have a chance to see this tour when it comes close to you, make sure to go check them out. You will not be disappointed and will most certainly become a fan if you are not already. 


Last Word
A Horse Called Golgotha
March to the Sea
Beneath the Rose
Under the Wheel
War, Wisdom and Rhyme
(Live debut)
Chlorine & Wine
Desperation Burns
The Sweetest Curse


Shock Me
The Gnashing

James Villa