"Sun City" by Lucas Jack (2013)

ARTIST-ON-ARTIST: “Sun City” by Lucas Jack

Lucas Jack by Brandon Callies


Lucas Jack’s Sun City is a must for fans of piano driven easy listening. With influences such as Billy Joel and Elton John, one can’t go wrong. The full length record is laced with feel good hits like “Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis)” and “Where We Are (We Belong)” which makes it hard to stop listening to.

The album’s upbeat side is very well balanced out with Lucas’ knack for writing beautiful ballads. Songs like “You Belong To the City Now” and “Jennifer” are filled with emotion and would give the piano man himself a run for his money. It’s hard to find artists with such dedication to their art these days. Lucas Jack’s heart and soul bleed through his piano, and we are lucky to be able to hear it.

"Sun City" by Lucas Jack (2013)

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Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis)
Lucas Jack

James Villa