PALMS - Photo by Travis Shinn

“Palms” by PALMS

– By Brandon Callies –


For fans of laid back ambient music, Palms self-titled debut is a must! Although they have shared members of Deftones and Isis, the Palms amalgamation is a perfect hybrid, in that they have elements of each band, but sound like neither.

The music is able to paint a very vivid and beautiful picture. Chino Moreno’s quiet voice works perfectly with the layered guitar work. The album does not provide much musical diversity, but in this case it’s not really needed.

Palms is the perfect example of a band that writes excellent songs, through minimalism, that can take the listener where they want them to go. Not many bands can execute this so flawlessly.

Album Cover: "Palms" by PALMS
“Palms” by PALMS

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