Cavalera Morbid Devastation Tour 2023 The Rockhouse El Paso, Texas 18 September 23

Cavalera   Morbid Devastation Tour 2023     The Rockhouse    El Paso, Texas

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it falls on but when Max Cavalera rolls into town, the masses show up and that certainly was the case last Monday night here in El Paso, Texas at the one and only Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue, oh yeah, there was a party going on!

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of covering Max several times, whether it was with Soulfly, Nailbomb or Cavalera Conspiracy he makes El Paso a regular stop and make no mistake, the metal fans of West Texas love him to death, always a fantastic turn out. And why not? Max and his brother have been doing this since 1984 when they together formed Sepultura so, over the next 39 years Max generates 34 albums between 6 different bands that are his, the three already mentioned, plus Killer Be Killed and Go Ahead and Die.  The list of collaborations he has done during his tenure is long and prestigious, names like Tom Araya, Dave Grohl, Ivan Moody and Randy Blythe are riddled thought-out this list, its quite impressive.

Max moved the family to Phoenix, Arizona years ago, his wife Gloria and their 5 children, probably why he visits here so much, he doesn’t live far.  Most of his kids are involved in music, Igor and Zyon with Lody Kong years ago, Zyon now is behind the kit for Soulfly and Monday night Igor was by his dads side on bass. Incite was in support and that’s Richie’s band, he’s quite the madman on stage and let’s not forget Max’s brother Igor playing the drums for Cavalera.  I must say, it warms the heart to see such a family affair, moms, dads, sons and brothers, you just don’t see that nowadays, how cool is that?

Two local support bands on the evenings card, Infestation of Evil and Why We Hate You, both outstanding metal acts that really got the crowd warmed and tuned up, I’m really happy with our local scene, they are consistently rising to the occasion.  Next up was Incite, as stated Richie Cavalera’s band, he is quite the handful on stage, full of energy is the understatement of the year, great band, fun show, I highly recommend it.  On deck is Exhumed, another heavy metal act that takes no prisoners, I’ve covered then before, so I knew what to expect, they have an individual come out on stage completely covered dressed as maybe a butcher, but he has a guitar with no strings, but has a metal plate affixed to the front, he pulls out a grinder and sparks fly, it’s pretty cool, next out with a chainsaw, then a bloody draining head which leaks on to whoever is on the front row, yeah, good times.  These guys really put on a great show, hence the circle pit that ensues with our now, rabid audience, no worries, they’re having the time of their lives.

10:25, Max strolls out onto the stage and the joint imploded, right out the gate, Bestial Devastation, it was like throwing gas on a fire and Max knew it, he had them as he always does, Antichrist and Necormancer were the next two songs, I could feel the bedlam going on behind me as I focused on Max with my camera and after the 3rd song, I was out, pretty standard, I left via the stage door and came back in though the back, watched the show a little, but what has my attention is the crowd, I enjoying watched people have a good time, drinking, dancing, hugs and smiles all around, that’s a real metal night here in El Paso, again, doesn’t matter what night of the week it is, Heavy Metal is alive and well here in West Texas.

Story and Photography by Tim Schumann

Set List-

Bestial Devastation



Warriors of Death

Sexta Feira 13

Morbid Visions




Show Me the Wrath

Funeral Rites

Empire of the Damned

Escape to the Void

Refuse / Resist



Tim Schumann