Dallas Oddballs Gather in Style at the FUNKTION – This Saturday night at Trees

At the glammed-out, 80’s-style FUNKTION, Dallas’ most unique artists come to get down.

Dallas has a rich musical history — but the city doesn’t stay stuck in the past.

On a night out in a dimly-lit venue, you may encounter some of the more unique characters who color the local scene. Now, at the FUNKTION, the oddballs of Dallas’ music community are finally coming together.

All Photos by @xochitl.psd

“We’re a blend of diverse local artists all on one stage,” says creative polyglot Johnny B33 about the show that’s been described as “funkadelic.”
“Each of us is kind of a standout in our local scene, whether that’s punk, R&B, pop, hip hop, or indie — we’re each very funky and unique.”
“Bring a gallon of milk because the spice will be overwhelming,” says Overshare bandleader Eric Rosener.

All in all, the evening’s lineup offers something for any conceivable music fan.

Overshare does exactly that — crooning and agonizing over the red-hot centers of our minds. Love, sex, and mental health are all frequent muses, and the punk band’s rapid-fire catalog is as meaningful and masterful as it is infectious and danceable.

Shibby explores a loungey, spectral plane of psychedelic indie rock, with carefully crafted guitar and melancholic vocals.


Dezi 5 is a wave all his own, whose catalog spans sultry, new-school R&B, throwback southern rock, and even deep-cut club anthems like “Dallas, Bitch!”

Ravs delivers sparkling, soulful vocals, and co-operates Sketchy Outlaw, an “art business for outcasts.

Elektrik Ants throws hip hop, jazz, and rock in the blender, with freeform vocals and vivid lyrics.

Johnny’s own sound defies classification, effortlessly bouncing between classic R&B, hip hop wordsmithing, and frenetic, bass-driven dance grooves.


The FUNKTION will be held at Trees on January 28. Tickets are available here, $10 presale or $12 at the door.

James Villa