Omarr Awake / Photo Courtesy of Artist

“Time Spent in the Machine” by Omarr Awake

– Omarr Awake by Brandon Callies –


Austin based singer/songwriter, Omarr Awake, is sure to catch your ear with his new EP, Time Spent In The Machine. This fusion of soul, funk, and rock is reminiscent of artists like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson without sounding like either.

Time Spent In The Machine is not a throwback. Omarr Awake seems to pay homage to the greats while still being a forward thinker and putting his own spin on things. Upbeat songs like “Dynamite Parasite” and “To Carry You Home” are well balanced out by the more somber track “Sadness.” Lyrically, the EP is as profound as it is light hearted and fun.

The record is a truly amazing debut. Omarr Awake has not only hit the ground running—it looks as if he has rockets in his shoes.

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“Dynamite Parasite” by Omarr Awake

"Time Spent In The Machine" by Omarr Awake

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