"Yes, It's True." by The Polyphonic Spree // Artwork by Tim DeLaughter

“Yes, It’s True.” by The Polyphonic Spree

– By Dustin Blocker –


"Yes, It's True." by The Polyphonic Spree // Artwork by Tim DeLaughter

The Polyphonic Spree is a conundrum. Forget the visual spectacle; one producing dozens of rotating band members donning long form robes, hand-clap-dancing like a satirical choir.  Forget this, because the band’s inherent visuals are a distraction from the truth, that The Polyphonic Spree is musically awe-inspiring, and that their lead, Tim DeLaughter writes damn good pop songs.

The band’s fifth full length studio record Yes, It’s True is refined, intelligent and experimental; yet is entertaining, passionate, and fun.  A paradox, brought to bear by a conundrum.

The combination of DeLaughter’s charmingly boyish falsetto, and the driving rhythm section of Mark Pirro and Jason Garner is enough to make Yes, It’s True great; but it’s the interminable earworm hooks crafted by the residual twenty one members that makes the effort truly outstanding.  Standout tracks “You Don’t Know Me” and “Hold Yourself Up” are lush with thick grooves and sing-along lyrics, while notables “You’re Golden” and “What Would You Do?” would fall lifeless under a lesser supporting cast.

The Spree’s new record is inspired, fresh and current.  Not an easy feat for a band that baits you to focus predominantly on the visuals.

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Hold Yourself Up
The Polyphonic Spree

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