Black Sabbath

“13” by Black Sabbath

– By Brandon Callies –


Black Sabbath fans can breath a collective sigh of relief. The band is back with their original lineup (minus Bill Ward) and new album 13,  and they are making it count.

13 is very reminiscent of early Black Sabbath. The band kicks off like a juggernaut with “End of the Beginning.” Nostalgia sets in and transports the listener back to 1970, when Black Sabbath first set out to overthrow the hippie movement. Rick Rubin does a fine job of keeping the recording relatively lo-fi to capture the early Sabbath years

The only real break from the heavy churning come by way of “Zeitgeist” which almost feels like “Planet Caravan” part two. Black Sabbath pulls no punches with 13. This album hold it’s own next to their first eight records.

"13" by Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath

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