OTM RECOMMENDS: “Fornication” by These Machines Are Winning

– By Dustin Blocker –

The first of the four part video mini-series for Dallas’ These Machines Are Winning follows two anti-heroes on their covert bike ride through a wind-swept cityscape.  There are machine guns, explosives, oh, and the song is great too!

We definitely recommend this one.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeukJo5EXy8&w=560&h=315]

…These Machines Are Winning takes on a full emersion of creative expression combining narrative film making, photography, and graphic art. The goal is to create a mythos that encourages further exploration of the material. (Dylan) Silvers draws lyrically from this concept, teaming up with long time friend Ryan Hartsell To shoot, direct and co-create with Silvers this comic vision. having the first two cinematic videos out of their four part mini series completed for Defender 1, taking their vigilantes to new extremes.

Buy the Debut Album “Defender 1” by These Machines Are Winning

“Fornication” by These Machines Are Winning (Idol Records/Exploding Plastic Records) http://www.idolrecords.com.

James Villa