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John 5 “Season of the Witch” Review

John 5 – Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

John 5’s musical prowess has been on a constant incline since 2004’s “Vertigo.” That forward motion stays the same with his latest release “Season of the Witch.” It’s a showcase of guitar mastery.

No stone is left unturned as John 5 seamlessly moves through genres. Ian Ross and Roger Carter are essential in this collection of songs. John 5 is pushing the bounds of what progressive rock should be, which is much needed!

There is no dead weight. All killer, no filler! John 5 is at a creative high, and the Creatures are a band that I hope to keep hearing from!

Season Of The Witch track listing:
1) Book of Spells
2) Black Grass Plague
3) Guitars, Tits and Monsters
4) Now Fear This
5) Behind the Nut Love
6) Making Monsters
7) Dr. Evil’s Spook Show
8) Here’s To The Crazy Ones
9) The Macabre
10) Triple D
11) Hell Haw
12) Ode to Jasper
13) Season Of The Witch

James Villa