Messer 2019

Messer world video premiere! Check out the video for track “Simple man!”

Messer 2019


Be among the very first to see our newest video creation! Inspired by the Netflix series Black Mirror. Go to Pure Grain Audio starting at 10am (central time) today Feb. 4th for the video link. Then give the video a like, leave a comment and stay tuned to our socials to see how you can win some cool stuff just by sharing our video. Be sure to use the hashtags #MesserSimpleMan #GO

Simple man is a song written from the perspective of someone who is removing themselves from the drama or superficial aspects and expectations of social media/society.

Resolved in the strength it takes to be alone and move themselves forward. It’s a narrative on how this person wants to find their own power and focus on clarity of self. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” is the mantra and highlights the strength it takes to step away from the shallow world into something more meaningful for themselves. #Go

Messer 2019

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