Closure In Moscow (Brooks Reynolds 1)

“Pink Lemonade” by Closure in Moscow

– By Danielle Longueville –


As a first time listener to Closure in Moscow, I was immediately impressed with the level of talent these guys possess. The influences of The Mars Volta and Chiodos resound through this prog-rock quintet without taking away from their raw talent and sheer passion for their musical creations.

I have to say it: I am in love with Pink Lemonade.  The sophomore album from Closure in Moscow, Pink Lemonade is a high-powered psychedelic ballad of sorts geared up to deal out some serious face melting. Each main track contains a Great Divide with no two sections alike, which creates sudden confusion followed by sweet surprise. Their sick guitar licks –courtesy of Mansur Zennelli and Michael Barrett – are paired with bright, steadfast vocals that drive their almighty sound waves from headphone to head rush.

Pink Lemonade

The title track, “Pink Lemonade,” has a very Muse-esque underlying tone with dynamic sound mapping and powerful bass lines.  The song is somewhat of a journey though what feels like an existential acid trip. The results? A tasty, trippy transcendence for those who need a good kick in the eardrum.  The bizarre opening vintage audio reels you in, while the sultry unknown singer whom closes out the song with tantalizing lyrics tops of this “little slice of heaven” with finesse.


This name. This name is ridiculous, but so fitting. This song is a perfect blend of a hint of Coheed and Cambria, a dash of folk and a splash of indie-rock perfectly blended together by the unique styling of Closure In Moscow, a savory supplement to carry you over through the rest of the album.

The Church of the Technochrist

One cannot truly enjoy this song unless they watch the calamity that is the music video for “The Church of the Technochrist.” This funky, sacrilegious track that praises a God made of “lithium and silicone” invites their congregation to abandon all desires and “get down on the floor for the Lord.”  The vast array of vivid images perfectly complement their groovy bass lines and demanding vocals.

I would highly encourage essentially anyone with a brain to drop what he or she is doing on May 9th and immediately download Pink Lemonade. Closure in Moscow is here to impress and will not let you down.

James Villa