Alejandro Fernandez brings his Amor y Patria US Tour to the Borderland

Alejandro Fernandez brings his Amor y Patria US Tour to the Borderland. 

This past Friday night makes twice now I’ve covered Alejandro Fernandez here in El Paso, Texas, first time was at the EP County Coliseum and this time at the Don Haskins Center, both shows, sold out, and that’s no surprise, Alejandro is the son of Vicente Fernandez, a Mexican superstar is putting it lightly and because of his father’s encouragement, now he too is a superstar is the Latin Music world, Mariachis, Latin Pop and Spanish love songs were the order of the evening.  Alejandro has 16 albums, 7 live albums and is a two-time Latin Grammy Award Winner, all to his credit.

It was a bit of a family affair that night, Alex Fernandez, Alejandro’s son opened the show.  He went through 5 songs, said goodnight and out walked his father, no changeover, that was nice.  The roar was unbelievable, everybody jumped to their feet and started singing, oh yeah, quite a sight.

In closing, I do love these types of shows, living here in West Texas, I do get my share of them, not really my cup of tea, but the production, the audience participation, singing and dancing, people having the time of their lives is what really makes these events special, and again, I highly recommend attending if he rolls though your town, dress accordingly and get ready for a grand time, I promise.

Set List-

Ay amor

Es la mujer


Que digan misa

Hoy tengo ganas de ti

Te olvide

Cascos ligeros

Te voy a perder

Sin tantita pena / eres


Eso y mas

Amor tumbado


Que seas muy feliz

Se que te duele


Me dedique a perderte

Canta corazon

Nube viajera

Ella / Si nos dejan / Serenata Huasteca

Mexico lindo y querido

Se me va la voz




Dificil tu caso


Vicente Fernandez Tribute-

De que manera te olvido

El Rey

Volver, Volver


Encore # 2


Como quien pierde una estrella


Tim Schumann