Paramore - Movistar Arena (Santiago, Chile) // James Villa Photography 2013

Hey Earth, Go See PARAMORE

– By Austin Reed –

Top 3 Reasons to See Paramore Live

June 5 marks the beginning of Tennessee-based powerpop quartet Paramore’s long-awaited (and seemingly exhaustive) world tour. Beginning in Warsaw, Poland and wrapping up November 1 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the run is in support of the group’s latest full-length album, Paramore.

Paramore - EDGEFEST 23 (FC Dallas - Frisco,TX) 4/27/13 | James Villa Photography © 2013 On Tour Monthly LLC

Never seen Paramore live before but dying to know why you should? You came to the right place!

  1. Hayley Williams. The dynamite frontwoman delivers something altogether fierce in each performance, climbing limitlessly into her upper register before plunging effortlessly to her low. Her stage presence is dominant, and her passion is unprecedented.
  2. The Charisma. There’s something to be said about a band that can play two-hour sets with next-to-no energy curb, and guitarist Taylor York sort of rules the roost in situations like this.
  3. The Crowd. Paramore has developed quite the following over the course of their eight-year history, and these followers love to party.

If given the opportunity (and if you enjoy fun), snag a ticket to this one. You’ll be glad you did.

James Villa