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WRITER’S SPOTLIGHT: “An Intimate Bond with Music” by Michal Elizabeth Smith

– By Michal Elizabeth Smith –
(First Published May 7th, 2013, The Interlude)

I have an impenetrable belief that music saves lives. We celebrate and mourn to musical creations; it is what binds us together. Melodic concoctions burst forth when a bride makes her way down the isle. The audience and groom are speechless; thus, we replace falter wonderment with a celestial number. We cannot always convey our thoughts; however, music does it for us. On entirely alternate ends, when we lose a loved one, their life is commemorated with his or her favorite songs. Music saves lives because it speaks on our behalf; it gives us hope.

A particular song is attached to each of my fondest memories. Some might be picturing a “staring out of the car window” movie scene song; however, I am afraid that is exceedingly off-track. Whenever I experience a moment of joy, whether I am in the car or in the comfort of my own home, I celebrate by deafening my ears with loud, exhilarating music. Whenever I experience a moment of inspiration, I listen to Born For This” by Paramore. I mull over the thought provoking yet cliche lyrics, “Everybody sing like it’s the last song you will ever sing.” Goosebumps and stomach churns invade my body.

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When our family lost a loved one years ago, I listened to Twenty Three” by MC Lars at least five thousand times. The song had the strongest of holds on my emotions. If the lyrics were simply read rather than put together with music collaborations, the effect would not have been as significant. His lyrics “I guess it was too much, depression, disillusion. Maybe suicide’s and answer but it wasn’t a solution” instigated tears on a countless basis. There is something entirely unique and intimate about putting words and music together.

Writer Spotlight: Michal Elizabeth Smith

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