Now here’s a show we’ve all had the date circled in red, he is always welcomed like a prodigal son here in West Texas, yup, you guessed it, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, or more commonly known as Doyle.  This makes the third time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing him, first time was on the Abominate the World Tour 2017, after that evening, rest assured, he leaves a lasting impression, so of course, I knew what to expect these past two times he graced us with his presence, as a photographer, I cannot tell you how much fun he is to shoot, he does make great photographs.  Doyle and Alex Story of Cancerslug  put this band together back in 2012, released Abomintor in 2013 and Doyle II, As We Die in 2017, both on his own label, Monsterman Records.  The musical style is American Horror Punk and as it should be, Doyle is dressed as a metal Frankenstein, right down to the electrodes on either side of his neck, 5 inch platforms, face paint and the ever-present devilock hairdo, must be a Misfit thing and lets not forget, this cat is a true monster, zero body fat and works out in the venue before each show.  I tried back in 2017 to get a photo with him without the makeup, you can forget that, after the show, he does a meet and greet, autographs and photographs are the norm, plus, he’s a super friendly guy.  Alex “Wolfman” Story is another character in this story, a wild man with sideburns to match, all over the stage, prowling, jumping and screaming about love songs that if you wanted to, you can dance to them, seemed like every song was a love song that night, Cemetary Sexxx, I believe he was referring to this little number as a love song, I could be wrong.  We had some local support, Epitaph Romance and Tina Zombie, both fit the bill nicely and Red Devil Vortex in direct support, I liked these, they were fun, looking forward to their return.   In closing, a high energy show with all four bands on that evenings card, it was one of those shows that you got every pennies worth of the price of the ticket, people danced, moshed and in general, just had a great time, not bad for a West Texas Wednesday Night I’d say.

Set List-


Beast Like Me

Cemetary Sexxx

Valley of Shadows

Dreaming Dead Girls


We Belong Dead

Show No Mercy

Mark of the Beast

Drawing Down the Moon

Hope Hell is Warm


Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein- Guitar

Alex “Wolfman” Story- Vocals

Brandon Strate- Bass

Luke Wright- Percussion



Tim Schumann