Its always a good time when Nekromantix come to El Paso and last week makes twice now I’ve covered them and you can rest assure, the joint will be jumping, as surely the Rockhouse was on that spring Tuesday night out here in West Texas.   Frontman and founding member Kim Nekroman is infamous for his Double Cross Coffin Bass with the headstock in the shape of a cross, it’s

a real treat to watch him play it, over and under the neck, between his legs, sitting on it, dragging it all over the stage, yeah, he’s quite the sight, dressed all in black with the stand-up pompadour playing that standup bass, psychobilly at its finest.  The band was formed in Copenhagen in 89, 9 studio releases, 2 live albums in 30 years, all music has a monster / horror theme to it, same thing with another project of Kim’s and that would be the Horrorpops, another rockabilly act he plays guitar next to his wife Patricia Day who plays a standup bass, they met in 96, married soon after and formed a band, now that’s a marriage made in heaven, I did have the pleasure of shooting the couple early last year, hope they return soon.  Local support for this evening’s card was Extremity, Slvthammer and Tinta Zombie, all three brought their A game, you could sense it, feel the excitement and energy these guys were throwing off. It really showed with Tinta Zombie, straight outa Juarez wearing those masks wrestlers wear in Mexico, Tony Rivers on Bass and Juan Carlos Aguilar on guitar, the perfect combo, a lot of fun.   Slvthammer is another one of my favorites and watching Junior play that guitar twirling those 3-foot dreadlocks overhead is something you cannot unsee, a master true to form.   In closing, it was a fun show, El Paso has a huge rockabilly following and they always turn out for shows of this caliber and last Tuesday night was no exception.

Set List-

Nice Day For A Resurrection

Nekro Tastic Extasy

Devil Smile

Driller Killer

Haunted Cathouse

Horney in a Hearse

Gargoyles Over Copenhagen

Subcultural Girl


Who Killed the Cheerleader



Kim Nekroman- Vocals / Coffin Bass

Francisco Mesa- Guitar

Rene “Diamuerte” Garcia- Percussion


Tim Schumann