After attending shows for the past 51 years, it’s safe to assume, I’m not easily impressed, especially now as a photojournalist, you really need to jump off the page for me to take notice and look for you after the show and share with you what I thought of your performance, maybe I’m just an old man who loves his Rock and Roll peppered with a little metal, maybe I love a front man who is a true entertainer, a showman you just can’t take your eyes off, visions of David Lee Roth, Peter Wolf, Matt Schulz and Steve Vai come to mind, you know, just to name a few. Maybe it’s because I like the word dolls in a band name, you know like the Barb Wire Dolls or The New York Dolls, both which I’ve seen by the way, both insanely good and now I’m thrilled to death to bring you the Ratchet Dolls.  Last week was actually the third time shooting this band over the past couple of years here in El Paso, Kevin Sauceda is the only original and founding member, Michael Zavala on guitar left for a while, but is back I’m glad to say, Ethan Loera and myself have a little history, he’s from El Paso and I know him from the local scene, he moved to the Dallas Ft Worth area two years ago and as fate would have it landed behind the kit for this stellar outfit and of course on Bass is Kevin Cevallos, he’s a hired gun or as I like to say, a touring member, I hope he stays, he fits this band like well wore glove, like he belongs.

I got the chance to sit down with Kevin Sauceda before the show, the stories he has, we touched base on influences, which for him is Ace Frehley, touring all over the US, opening for Avatar, dodging tornados at Rocklahoma and being evacuated with Korn, but most of all where the band is going, great things are happening, I’m not at liberty to say, but let’s just say, its every bands dream, I couldn’t be happier for him, it’s all about commitment, hard work and a rock and roll mindset, all three of these qualities resonate with Kevin, he’s on a mission and this stands out during his performance, he’s a hell of a front man, dedicated to his craft is an understatement.  They have been out on a ten date tour which has taken them though Texas, Arizonia, California and Colorado ending this Sunday on the 26th at the Rail Club in Ft. Worth, but not to worry, if I know Kevin, they’ll be back out on the road soon enough, I for one look forward to their return to West Texas, check them out, you’ll become a fan, I’m sure of it.

Set List-

Pistol Mouth

I’m Insane


You Gotta Another Thing Coming

Bad Situation

Hit The Ground

Round and Round

Modern Mistake

Lay It Down

Out of Control


Kevin Sauceda- Guitar

Ethan Loera- Percussion

Michael Zavala- Guitar

Kevin Cevallos- Bass

Tim Schumann