The Home Shows

Pearl Jam’s “The Home Shows” Help Raise Homeless Awareness in Seattle

Pearl Jam’s “The Home Shows” set the pace, as night one comes to an end in Seattle

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam (Safeco – Seattle, WA) 8/9/18
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“The Home Shows” brought the “Homeless Situation in Seattle” to the forefront.  The band raised over 11 million dollars to raise awareness about the root causes of homelessness.  By creating solutions and assisting organizations that are currently working to curb, and prevent an increase of homelessness in Seattle.

Wednesday nights performance was Pearl Jam’s first home show in over 5 years.  With both shows being completely sold out since going on sale earlier this year.  This was the ultimate ticket for any true Pearl Jam fan.

The 30 plus song setlist covered their entire career to date.  Brandishing hits like Corduroy, Black, State of Love and Trust, and Rearviewmirror.  Eddie and company put on a performance rivaling any show that I’ve had the pleasure of attending over the course of their career. If tonight’s performance was an indicator for what’s to come.  I can safely say, I can’t wait for Friday night.

“The Home Shows” at Safeco Field Help Raise Homeless Awareness in Seattle, Help raise over 11 million dollars.


Long Road
Low Light
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Do the Evolution
Mind Your Manners
Throw Your Hatred Down
(Neil Young cover)
Lightning Bolt
Given to Fly
All Those Yesterdays
Even Flow
(The Beatles cover) (snippet)
Help Help
Setting Forth
(Eddie Vedder song)
I Am a Patriot
(Little Steven cover)


We’re Going to Be Friends
(The White Stripes cover) (live debut by PJ)
Nothing as It Seems
Let Me Sleep
Again Today
(Brandi Carlile cover) (with Brandi Carlile)
State of Love and Trust

Encore 2:

Wasted Reprise
Better Man
Comfortably Numb
(Pink Floyd cover)
I’ve Got a Feeling
(The Beatles cover)
Rockin’ in the Free World
(Neil Young cover)
Yellow Ledbetter

James Villa