An Editorial: Dad

An Editorial: This One Goes Out to All the Dads

– By Michal Elizabeth Smith –

People often underestimate the power music has over relationships. Whether you are listening to an album for the first time with your friend, or sharing a concert experience; people remember these moments. My first concert experience was with my sister and dad, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Even though my sister didn’t care for concerts and my dad hid in the corner with earplugs, I am happy that I experienced one of the most wonderful memories I have of live music with them; in a sense, it brought us closer.


Typically, it is a father taking his daughter to her first concert. Daughters don’t realize the sacrifice their fathers make, suffering through several hours of cliché boy band music and screaming tween girls. There is truth to the fact that fathers go with their daughters for safety purposes; however, it is my personal belief that they simply want to experience something special with them. I will admit to being a little sad my father didn’t take me to NSYNC, but he came relatively close with Paramore. There isn’t much I remember from my childhood, but I do remember our first concert together.

Adolescents will say it’s “not cool” to take their parents to concerts; however, I disagree. My father and I share many of the same musical preferences, and we talk often of music; it’s something special between us. If you’re a father about to embark on the quest of taking your daughter to her first concert, cherish every moment because it’s a special time. Daughters, if your father accompanies you to a pop boy band concert, it’s safe to say he’s pretty cool.

James Villa