Suicidal Tendencies (Granada Theater - Dallas, TX) 4/7/13

Suicidal Tendencies Turn The Granada Theater into Slam City

Granada Theater (Dallas, TX)
– Words by Jennifer Winters / Photos by James Villa –

Get in the Pit Skater”

In support of their 9th studio album 13 frontman Mike ‘Cyco Miko’ Muir and the rest of Suicidal Tendencies rolled into Dallas’ Granada Theater this Tuesday night in full force.  The veteran thrash act was on-point from the start, tearing through the thick crowd with classics like “You Can’t Bring Me Down”, “Institutionalized”, “War Inside My Head” and “Subliminal”.

Suicidal Tendencies (Granada Theater - Dallas, TX) 4/7/13

Like in earlier years, the band bounced around the stage full of emotion, taking several opportunities to catch their breath and talk to the crowd.  At one point they tried to get the audience to sing-along to a ST styled rendition of “Deep in the Heart of Texas“; this admittedly fell flat, but was perhaps the only thing that didn’t work on this night.

Shouts could be heard throughout the 90 minute set asking the band to play their standards, and ST responded by ripping fan favorites into the second half of their blistering set. The pit surged with every fan favorite and the energy level went past 11 as Muir dedicated “Possessed to Skate” to all the skaters as Dean Pleasants’ prodigious guitar solo lurched the frenzied pit into overdrive.

In ST’s early years “Possessed to Skate” was an anthem of sorts for the band.  But if it was the old, then “Slam City” is definitely the new.  The song’s hyper catchy melody and bounce-along choruses electrified the theater, bringing the evening to crescendo.

Suicidal Tendencies’ live show has always been their trademark, and they didn’t disappoint on this evening. Their newest studio album 13 is a great combination of live muscle and veteran studio expertise. The band still has it; and are indeed, still psycho after all these years.

Suicidal Tendencies (Granada Theater - Dallas, TX) 4/7/13

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skJaBdPceTs&w=560&h=315]


You Can’t Bring Me Down
War Inside My Head
Who’s Afraid
Send Me Your Money
Cyco Vision
Possessed to Skate
Slam City
I Saw Your Mommy
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow


Drum Solo
Pledge Your Allegiance

James Villa