Edgefest 23 (FC Dallas - Frisco,TX) 4/27/13

Fans leave Edgefest 23 Exhausted, Sunburnt and Satisfied

–  Words by Michal Elizabeth Smith / Photos by James Villa –

“This Year’s Eclectic Lineup Play It Out in the Texas Heat”

Over 2,500 people gathered on Saturday, April 27th at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco for 102.1 KDGE’s Edgefest 23. Twenty bands traveled from all over to take part in the annual music festival. It consisted of a main and second stage. The radio station was able snag big name bands such as AWOLNATION, Paramore, Bush, Capital Cities, and Phoenix to play the main stage. And the second stage comprised of rather well known bands too, such as Twenty One Pilots, A Day To Remember, and Deftones.

Two lines wrapped around the stadium hours before doors opened. Security let people in around 11:30 a.m. and fans crowded the main stage in anticipation of the rock duo, IAMDYNAMITE. Other fans ambled around the stadium, checking out different booths. There were several new booth additions to this year’s festival, including a silent disco where fans put on headphones and danced, book signings, and I Am Second offered a free ride home to those who had a bit too much to drink.

EDGEFEST 23 (FC Dallas - Frisco,TX) 4/27/13 | James Villa Photography © 2013 On Tour Monthly LLC

Edgefest 23 (FC Dallas - Frisco,TX) 4/27/13

The day started off rather cloudy and cold; however, by noon the sun was radiant. This was the most musically diverse show the Edge has put on in a while. It comprised of genres such as Rock N’ Soul, Rap, Indie, Hardcore, Electronic, Screamo, Rock, and Alternative; playing out like a mini-Coachella. The contrasting genres attracted people of all kinds, including punks with prodigious colored Mohawks, black-clad metal-heads, blacker-clad Goths and hipsters in Fedoras. There were a sundry of personality types; however, the love of music was a common thread in which bound fans together.

Festival goers trampled over each other throughout the day, making their way to and from each stage. There was never a moment of silence; once a band finished their set, the other stage had already been queued up. After Deftones’ killer set, fans rushed towards the main stage to watch the remaining bands. By then the sun had set, and the weather began to cool off. Fans anticipated the performance of Bush and, of course, headliners Phoenix. Fans across the stadium lit their cell phones, filming Phoenix’s mind blowing set. They performed well known hits such as “1901”, “Liztomania”, and “Entertainment” off their latest record.


The festival ended with a breathtaking firework show put on by Illumination Fireworks, one of many sponsors. Fans left the show sunburnt and exhausted, yet satisfied.

The day long festival was rather enjoyable; however, I recommend that ticket purchasers not to show up until the evening. The bands that are worth watching do not perform until after 6pm. Fans will also leave the stadium near, or entirely broke; not because of newly attained band merch, but because any food or drink under ten dollars simply does not exist. Save money, come later.


James Villa