Phil Anselmo

“Walking Through Exits Only” by Phil Anselmo & The Illegals

– By Brandon Callies –


Phil Anselmo and his backing band, The Illegals, come out swinging with his most raw and brutal album to date! Walking Through Exits Only is a great blend of the vocalist’s musical stylings throughout the years. There are elements of Pantera, Down, and Super Joint Ritual all rolled into one nice, ugly package. This seems to be a very honest album.

Anselmo tackles odd subjects like his back surgery in “Bedridden” and his distain for the music media in “Music Media Is My Whore.” It seems like the singer has really stumbled into his most natural state with Walking Through Exits Only. I’m not saying this album is better than Phil’s previous bands that we all know and love, but it absolutely holds it’s own!

"Walking through Exits Only" by Phil Anselmo & The Illegals

James Villa