"My Shame is True" by Alkaline Trio

“My Shame is True” by Alkaline Trio

– By Chris Whitehead –


Punk rockers Matt Skiba, Dan Andriano, and Derek Grant have refined their signature sound on their 9th studio record My Shame is True, bringing back the raw aesthetic of their ’98 debut Goddamnit! while setting the standard for the next generation of punks.  The new album slams the accelerator wide open with an unshakable foundation of power bass chords, in-your-face vocals, reflexive synth and soaring guitar riffs.

Alkaline Trio’s pension for the straight-forward keeps the run-time to a minimum, but the dark undertones and art-house take on classic punk keep the listener on repeat.  The source of their power is the heavy foundation of Andriano and Grant; built like a M1 Abrams, on Speed, of course.

Alkaline Trio

Punk. Rock. Goodness. “PUSH PLAY”.

"My Shame is True" by Alkaline Trio

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