ARTIST-ON-ARTIST: House Harkonnen by Brandon Callies

– House Harkonnen by Brandon Callies –


House Harkonnen is one of Denton, Texas’ shining lights; if that light is the ground opening up to Hell’s flames illuminating the Earth. The quartet’s new Limited Edition LP Beastmode is an incredible addition to the band’s discography. Take a blender; add one bottle of Jack Daniels, equal parts Motorhead, Hank Williams, and Black Flag; push “Frappe” – Voila! House Harkonnen!

Through musical diversity the band segues into different styles seamlessly. The stylistic disparity between tracks like I Sell Death and Bombs Away are enormous, but somehow they work perfectly on the same album.

In a time where music has become so cliché and safe, it’s refreshing to find a heavy band that realizes that rock n’ roll is meant to be wrong!

"Beastmode" Limited Edition by House Harkonnen

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